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history and tradition in Japan.

Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra



Thank you for always supporting Shion with your warm encouragement.

The Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra, which has been known by the nickname "Shion" since its establishment in 1923 (Taisho 12), boasts the longest history and tradition among symphonic wind orchestras in Japan. In 2014, Shion was privatized from direct management by the city of Osaka and changed its name from "Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band" to "Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra" in March 2015. The orchestra performs a wide range of concerts from classical to popular music and is actively involved in improving and developing musical culture through various activities such as music appreciation events for kindergartens to high schools, wind instrument workshops for junior and senior high schools, and CD recordings.
The orchestra has also been involved in recording reference performances for contest music commissioned by the Japan Band Association and the recording of the entrance march for the National High School Baseball Championship. They have also performed on nationwide TV programs such as TV Asahi's "Untitled Concert" and NHK's "Doremi Fa Wonderland." The orchestra has also been active in Osaka with events such as the "Twilight Concert" at Osaka Castle Music Hall and station concerts.
The orchestra has won the Osaka Cultural Festival Award three times, as well as the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association(JBA) Award, the Japan Band Academy Award for Performance, the Osaka Arts Award, and the Naniwa Award. The current music director is Atsuyoshi Miyagawa and the artistic advisor is Kazuyoshi Akiyama.
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1923 The "Osaka City Music Band" was formed by volunteers from the former Army Fourth Division Band. A commemorative concert was held at the Central Public Hall.
1946 The band was renamed the "Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band."
1973 The band won the Osaka Culture Festival Award for its 27th regular performance (conducted by Masashi Mori at the Festival Hall) .
1987 The band received the Galaxy Award (presented by Mainichi Broadcasting).
1988 The band received the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association(JBA) Award for the Best Entertainment Radio Program.
1993 The band won the Osaka Culture Festival Award for the results of its 70th anniversary commemorative 67th regular performance, which was conducted by A. Reed at the Festival Hall. They also received the "4th Japan Wind Band Academy Award Performance Division" from the Japan Wind Band Association.
1997 The band received the Osaka Arts Award for the 9th year of Heisei. They held a "Tokyo Special Concert" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theater.
1998 The band won the Osaka Culture Festival Award Encouragement Prize for the results of their 77th regular performance.
2014 April The band was privatized from direct management by the city of Osaka.
2014 The band received the 17th Naniwa Award.
2015 March The band was renamed "Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra" (also known as "Shion") from "Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band".
2018 April The Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra started a new activity as a public interest incorporated association, changing its name from a general incorporated association to a public interest incorporated association.
2023 April 100th anniversary of foundation.

We have been reborn.

On March 16th, 2015, we started anew. The Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra declared its rebirth as "Shion" of its own accord: by continuing to produce the "genuine sound" backed by 90 years of tradition and history, we will express our gratitude to the people of Osaka and all the fans of wind band nationwide who have supported us so far. We truly appreciate your warm support. Kindly ask for your continued support in the future.

  • Taisho 10 (1921).
    Taisho 10 (1921).

    Around 1921, during the Taisho era, the country's finances were in dire straits and, due to the experience of World War I, the need to promote the modernization of the military was being considered. As a result, the Fourth Division Military Band, which had a history of 35 years since 1888 in Osaka, was disbanded. However, in Osaka, there was strong support from the citizens, and after consultations between the Fourth Division headquarters and Osaka City, the Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band was established as a subsidized organization of the city. The Fourth Division Military Band's performance activities centered around Osaka and their active and close interaction with civilians in promoting Western music played a big role in this.

  • Taisho 12 (1923).
    Taisho 12 (1923).

    On October 31, 1923, in the 12th year of the Taisho era, the somewhat established Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band held its inaugural ceremony and commemorative concert at the Osaka City Central Public Hall. Despite the unfortunate rainy weather, the audience filled the hall, and it became a great success.

  • Taisho 14(1925).
    Taisho 14(1925).

    In May 10th, 1925, the Osaka Broadcasting Corporation, a social corporation, broadcasted experimental radio waves from the rooftop temporary broadcasting facility of Mitsukoshi Department Store's Osaka branch, and on June 1st, the temporary broadcast started from there. On the first day of the broadcast in Osaka, at noon for 30 minutes, the Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band played a commemorative performance that was broadcasted. The repertoire included "Kimigayo," "Opera (La Traviata) Highlights," and "March Napa Ho."

  • Showa 56 (1981).
    Showa 56 (1981).

    In Showa 56 (1981), it was decided to move to Osaka Castle Park, and a farewell concert was held at Tennoji Music Hall, which had hosted numerous events over the years. The concert was a huge success, with over 5,000 people attending and entry restrictions being imposed after the start of the concert. The following year, in Showa 57 (1982), the opening ceremony of the Osaka Castle Music Hall was held, and the Twilight Concert has since been held in Osaka Castle Park.


Name Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra
Address 1-4-138 Midoriki, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0022
TEL 06-6684-2130
FAX 06-6686-3377
Date of establishment June 1st, 1923 (Incorporation: December 2nd, 2013)
Main business Brass band and other music To enrich children's emotions and spread and improve music,
The purpose is to work on the development of art and social culture.
In order to achieve the purpose, we will carry out the following projects throughout Japan and overseas.
Public performance and broadcast performance.
Research and investigation on brass band.
Dissemination and enlightenment of music culture through music appreciation and instruction for children and adolescents.
Other business necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation.


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